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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says People who Don't Believe in Global Warming are "Living in the Stone Age"

Here is video of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos that people who don't believe in the Global Warming hysteria he has bought into are "living in the Stone Age."

Schwarzenegger had been asked about people like Gov. Sarah Palin who say President Obama should be focused on fixing the economy rather than Global Warming. He said he thinks there are just people who don't believe in Global Warming and are "living in the Stone Age."

Schwarzenegger was speaking from Copenhagen, where the big Climate Change Summit has been taking place.

In reality, if Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, and others who are pushing the Global Warming hysteria get their way, they will reduce the standard of living of every American by making everything far more expensive and by reducing the options people have in many aspects of their lives. In a sense, while they look down on others as "living in the Stone Age," they will move us all back in the direction of the "Stone Age" with their wacko environmental policies that will destroy the U.S. Economy.


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