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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Al-Qaeda in Yemen Says they have more of what Obama called "Isolated Extremists" Prepared for U.S. - Video 12/29/09

Here is a video report from CBS News that talks about the ties between Northwest Flight 253 Terrorist Bomber Umar Farouk Abdumutallab and Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

The report points out that Abdumutallab has told the FBI he was trained by Al-Qaeda in Yemen to carry out the attack, and was given the explosive by them. He also reportedly has said there are others like him being trained to carry out more attacks.

Yesterday, Al-Qaeda took credit for the attempted attack, and said it was in retaliation for air strikes against Al-Qaeda targets in Yemen by the Yemeni Government at the encouragement of the United States. Al-Qaeda said:

"We are bringing you slaughter and we have prepared for you men who cherish death, just like you cherish life."
Amazingly, despite all this, President Obama yesterday described the attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253 as the work of an "isolated extremist." If Obama believes that, he is the one who is "isolated" from reality.


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