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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Al Gore's Dire Copenhagen North Polar Ice Cap Warning Disputed - Video

Al Gore made the outrageous statement in a presentation at the Copenhagen Climate Summit that within five to seve years, there is a "75 percent chance" the entire north polar ice cap will be ice-free. Problem is, even the climatologist Gore was citing as his source disagrees:

The climatologist whose work Mr Gore was relying upon dropped the former Vice-President in the water with an icy blast.

“It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,” Dr Maslowski said. “I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.”

Mr Gore’s office later admitted that the 75 per cent figure was one used by Dr Maslowksi as a “ballpark figure” several years ago in a conversation with Mr Gore. . . . MORE


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