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Saturday, November 28, 2009

White House Party Crashers Actually Shook Hands with President Obama - Video 11/27/09

I'm catching up a little. Here is a video report on the bizarre couple who crashed the White House State Dinner given in honor of the Prime Minister of India this past Tuesday. The report shows a photo of the couple actually managing to shake hands with President Obama, in addition to all the other celebrities at the event.

The Secret Service says the couple was stopped at an initial checkpoint because they did not appear on the guest list. But a "uniformed officer" reportedly passed them on thinking they would be further vetted at a subsequent checkpoint - which did not happen.


Brian November 29, 2009 at 7:13 AM  

One more time, I'm reposting your comment without the link. As I said before, in the future, if you post a comment and have a link embedded in it to a page in another language, or to a page selling anything, I will delete the comment and won't be doing any reposting. Thanks for your cooperation.

Here is Ricky's comment:

"This couple is so trashy. This is what they do to get their jollies?
What a couple of sickos.

I hope they arrest them as criminals. They should be taught a lesson and made an example."

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