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Friday, November 6, 2009

Veteran to Dr. Phil: "I Need to Take a Giant Step Back From All the Psychobabble;" Says Ft. Hood Shooting Was Terrorism Not PTSD - Video 11/06/09

Here is video of Larry King talking with Dr. Phil and a couple of veterans about the Ft. Hood shooting.

Veteran Tom Kenniff said "with all due respect to Dr. Phil, having been through the war in Iraq and having seen what these soldiers go through, with respect to this incident, I need to take a giant step back from all the psychobabble I've been hearing for the past few hours." Kenniff said "this looks a lot less like PTSD and a lot more like terrorism."


Anonymous,  November 6, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

Man has some guts and the PC lockstep of DR Phil and the other solider is overwhelming. No one is stereotyping by the Arab last name, instead people are looking at the perp's behaviors and the perps own statements. This is NOT dangerous to talk about, it is dangerous NOT to talk about it.

Jennifer,  November 6, 2009 at 7:02 PM  

These self-righteous holier than thous make me want to PUKE! And what have we found out? That it's VERY VERY LIKELY that it WAS an ideological TERRORIST attack! I just wanted to smack that hateful, you're so stupid look off of that b*&ch's face!

And it won't be until idiots like these stop trying to TOLERATE us to death and realize what all this TOLERANCE has gotten us so we can finally put an end to this crap will things ever change! (If that made any sense at at all...sorry, I'm a bit riled up here).

News Flash! YOU CAN'T HAVE PTSD IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN DEPLOYED! Otherwise where did you encounter the stress? You didn't hear any bombs...you didn't see anyone get shot...none of your friends died right before your eyes...don't EVEN try to tell me that counseling people WITH PTSD would cause him to have PTSD...don't even try that BS explanation! I'm not gonna buy it!

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