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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seven-Month-Old Baby Saved from Running Laundromat Washing Machine - Video Report 11/21/09

Here is a video report on a seven-month old baby who was saved from a running coin-operated washing machine this past week by a Mississippi restaurant owner.

The baby somehow wound up in a laundromat washing machine and the restaurant owner just a few doors down heard two women screaming. He ran to the laundromat and the women, who could not speak English, pointed at a running machine and screamed "baby." The door was locked, but he was able to pry it open enough to let water drain out, and eventually got it open with the help of others.

Incredibly, the baby was OK despite being knocked unconscious and having bruises and marks all over his body. Police speculate the baby crawled from a hamper into the washing machine and the baby's brother shut the door.


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