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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rove Agrees with Dick Cheney: "No Need for An American President to Bow to Anyone" - Video 11/17/09

Here is video of Karl Rove tonight talking to Sean Hannity about President Obama's conduct on his overseas trip to Asia.

Rove agreed with former Vice-President Dick Cheney, who said:

"There is no need for an American President to bow to anyone. Our friends and allies don't expect it, and our enemies see it as a sign of weakness." - Dick Cheney
Rove said a slight nod would have been seen as respectful, but the low bow to the waste was not viewed as needed or appropriate by the Japanese or others. Rove pointed out that if it is appropriate to bow to Emperors or royalty, why didn't Obama bow to the Queen of England? Rove said they ought to at least be consistent.

On Obama's "town hall" meeting, Rove said Obama caved to the Chinese and allowed the crowd to be hand-picked as a bunch of Communist Party activists. He said formerly, Presidents Clinton and Bush insisted on meeting with average Chinese people.

On the decision to bring 9/11 conspirators to New York for a civilian trial, Rove said this puts Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on a world stage to inflame sentiment in the Jihadist world. Rove said this is a "bad decision for the security interests of the United States."


r4i November 17, 2009 at 10:27 PM  

The president of the USA can show good protocol with the Japanese Emperor and nod slightly while shaking the hand.
To bow low like he did was a sign of subservience like he was a citizen of Japan bowing before the Emperor.

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