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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Obama Media Adviser Says Media was Biased in Favor of John McCain Against Barack Obama! - Video

Here is video of Barack Obama's media adviser during the 2008 Campaign - Robert McChesney - saying he believes the national news media were biased in favor of Sen. John McCain!!! He actually says such a thing, despite the obvious fawning of the media in favor of Barack Obama!

McChesney cites the fact some media reports mentioned John McCain as a "former POW" and a "maverick / reformer" as evidence of their bias in favor of McCain. He also said that the media almost never mentioned that Barack Obama would "bring Change you can believe in" and came from a "heroic background." Huh?! That's all we heard for a year and a half from the mainstream media - Obama will bring "Change you can believe in!" That was an hourly mantra at many news outlets!

No rational person could possibly think the media in the 2008 Campaign was biased in favor of John McCain.

Via Newsbusters


No Subject November 5, 2009 at 11:13 AM  

Quick, get a flashlight and hold it up to his ear. I have to see if the light comes out the other side.

Give me a break. Anyone who believes that the MSM has an anti-Obama bias, has got to be so far to the left that anything they say is at best suspect, and at worst, the product of a dangerously deranged mind.

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