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Monday, November 2, 2009

Obama Campaign Manager Slams Sarah Palin as the "Pied Piper in Republican Politics" for Hoffman Support - Video 11/1/09

Here is video of President Obama's former campaign manager - David Plouffe - on Meet the Press yesterday where he mocked Gov. Sarah Palin by referring to her as the "Pied Piper in Republican politics."

Palin is “kind of playing the role of pied piper in Republican politics, which I’m quite comfortable with – basically hanging a ‘moderates need not apply’ sign.”
Plouffe was hammering Palin for her role in endorsing Doug Hoffman in the New York 23rd Congressional Race instead of the liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava. Obama's people are trying to spin this as a great defeat for Republicans, instead of seeing that is the triumph of conservatism led by a conservative leader in Sarah Palin.

You can already see the meme developing that Obama's people and the media (they are really one and the same) will use if Republicans/Conservatives win in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York on Tuesday. They will say all this shows is that the GOP has been taken over by the "right-wing extremists" and are becoming a less tolerant, less inclusive party. Get ready for it - it's coming.


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