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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Michelle Bachmann Warns it would be "Big Mistake" for Pelosi to Restrict Access to Capitol Rally Against ObamaCare - Video 11/4/09

Here is video of GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann talking with Judge Andrew Napolitano (filling in for Glenn Beck) about plans for the "meetup" rally to be held today at 12 Noon on the West Side of the U.S. Capitol, to be followed by moving into the House and Senate Office Buildings to lobby members of Congress to oppose ObamaCare.

Bachmann urged people who cannot attend to go to the local district office of their member of Congress, or make phone calls to lobby against ObamaCare.

Napolitano said he had been tipped off by a security official that Speaker Nancy Pelosi may try to restrict access to the Capitol grounds to prevent the rally from taking place or having any real size. Bachmann said Pelosi is powerful and controls access to the Capitol, but also said it would be a "big mistake for Speaker Pelosi to prevent the American people from coming to their house. This is their house, after all."


Anonymous,  November 5, 2009 at 9:24 AM  

Let her try it and next monday-friday we will all camp out at Capital Grounds and White House....time to grow up and face the music you have refused to listen to... we pay your salary, you work for us...oh by the way since your cutting CEO's pay why not cut your own to support the country....We HAVE HAD IT!!

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