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Friday, November 20, 2009

Gov. Sarah Palin Interview with Laura Ingraham; Likens New Mammogram Guidelines to "Death Panels" - Audio 11/19/09

Here is audio of an interview Gov. Sarah Palin did yesterday with Laura Ingraham on radio. At the 3:28 mark of Part 2, Ingraham asks Palin what she thinks about the new mammogram guidelines that have come out. Palin said:

"The mammogram recommendations - this whole issue is demonstrating precisely what you pointed out, the problem about the panels - the death panels - of government bureaucrats - I think you called it the 'hospice shooting' - the, um, panels of bureaucrats having more and more input into Americans' personal decisions - decisions really that belong between them and their doctors. This is what rationed care is going to be about."




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