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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fort Hood Terrorist Attacker Nidal Malik Hasan was a Card-Carrying Terrorist - Photo

Here is an image reported to be the personal business card of Fort Hood Terrorist attacker Nidal Malik Hasan. He is literally a card-carrying terrorist.

Notice the abbreviations on the card - "SoA(SWT)." The "SoA" stands for - "Soldier of Allah," and the "SWT" is (Subhanahu Wa Ta'all) which means "Glory to God."

But let's not jump to conclusions that his radical Islamic Jihadist religion and ideology had anything to do with the attack.


Anonymous,  November 14, 2009 at 11:31 PM  

We need to fear Religous fanatics of all persuasions.
Look around you today. What do you see? Religous people all over the world warring against each other: Muslims against Jews, Hindus against Muslims, Shiites against Sunnis, Protestants against Catholics.
Most of the world's ills can be traced to the hatred of one religious group against another.

How many times have you heard devout Christians say that when it comes to loyalty between their country and their God...they'll choose their God every time.

It's time for religious fanatics of all faiths to "love this country or leave it".

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