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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

EPA Lawyers Make Video on Why Cap and Trade Won't Work; Told to Take Video Down - Video

Here is video the Obama Administration does not apparently want you to see. It is a devastating critique of Obama's "Cap and Trade" idea, by two lawyers who work for the EPA. They say clearly in the video that the video only contains their views, and in no way represents the views of the EPA or the Obama Administration.

The lawyers do seem to buy into the whole "man-made Climate Change" philosophy, which I would not agree with. But that is one reason the video is so devastating to the Cap and Trade policy. They believe in man-made Climate Change but are saying the Cap and Trade policy won't work!

The New York Times reports that the couple was told to remove the video from YouTube and complied. But it is still available on YouTube because others had already downloaded the file and uploaded it to YouTube.

Hat Tip: The Heritage Foundation


Unknown November 11, 2009 at 9:02 AM  

This video ban by the Administration is almost an admission that they believe what the EPA lawyers are saying. If the lawyers' agrument didn't hold any water, the Admin wouldn't pay it lip service. The problem is that the lawyers are right that cap and trade policy won't work. Write your Senators at http://tiny.cc/JXsAu. Encourage them to voice opposition to this flawed legislation as well.

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