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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie PreJean Calls Larry King Question "Inappropriate"; Removes Mic and Threatens to Leave Set - Video 11/11/09

Here is video of Carrie PreJean on Larry King Live last night where there was a really bizarre exchange between PreJean and King. King asked PreJean why she agreed to settle out of court in a lawsuit against the Pageant that fired her. PreJean said she could not talk about the terms of the settlement because it was a confidential agreement. King persisted in asking "why" she settled, not about the terms of the settlement.

PreJean then told King he was being "inappropriate," and that she could not talk about the settlement.

King moved on and took a call but as he did PreJean began talking to someone off set and then started unhooking her microphone. But bizarrely, she did not immediately leave. She stayed there and kept talking to someone off set, and even talked to King but without a microphone.


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