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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bill Bennett Says Fort Hood Attack was a "Terrorist Attack by a Radical Muslim" - Video 11/12/09

Here is video of outstanding conservative William Bennett talking with Sean Hannity about the unwillingness of many to call Nidal Malik Hassan a "terrorist" despite the overwhelming evidence that he is a "terrorist" and committed a terrorist attack at Fort Hood in killing 13 people (14 counting an unborn child).

Bennett said this was not just a terror attack, it was a "terrorist attack by a Radical Muslim." Bennett said political correctness kept people from confronting Hasan and preventing this terrible attack.

William Bennett said Hasan stood up in front of a group of doctors and said:

"We must behead the infidel and we must pour boiling oil down their throat."

Bennett said that President Obama must eventually tell the truth about Hasan.

They also showed a copy of Hasan's card that has "SOA" after his name - "Soldier of Allah."

Bennett said he now believes that Obama is committed to his ideology and "will not pivot" from it in the face of falling public support.

Hannity asked Bennett to name some names of top conservative talent in the GOP. He named:

Paul Ryan
Tim Pawlenty
Tom Coburn
Jon Kyl

He said Palin is great and very popular. He said he hopes there is nothing in the book that will be a problem for her.


Anonymous,  November 13, 2009 at 6:05 AM  

As a new independent, having spent a lifetime as a democrat, when will these thick peopl get it through their heads. Indies and conservative/moderate dems will ONLY vote for Sarah Palin. Most of us are of Reagan democrat mold.
(seriously, the obama-endorsing MSM wants you to pick the weaker candidate like the ones listed so the socialist fraud can win)

hillbuzz.org, a hillary supporting site, has a great article about this today.

no wonder conservatives will lose if they keep this ignornace up. Dems, ex-dems like me can figure this out! We are rooting for conservatives AND reformers like Palin, and you guys can't even figure out what Sarah Palin already has!

Brian November 13, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

No one here is against Sarah Palin. Bill Bennett did not say he was against Sarah Palin. But she has not even announced she is running in 2012. We don't know who else may run in 2012. It is far too early to endorse a candidate, no matter how strongly you may feel about someone.

Palin's book tour will be important to her future. She is at 49% among Independents in a recent poll, which is quite good considering the hammering she has taken in the media. If that number can move up in the next year, she will be in prime position to announce a run for President sometime in 2011. We'll be watching.

r4 dsi November 13, 2009 at 7:21 AM  

William Bennett said Hasan stood up in front of a group of doctors and said:
"We must behead the infidel and we must pour boiling oil down their throat."

I think there is much more in this case as it is seen.

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