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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Neil Cavuto Does Extensive Interview with Don Imus Ahead of New Imus Show on Fox Business Channel - Video 10/2/09

Here is video of Neil Cavuto interviewing Don Imus on the eve of his beginning a new show with the Fox Business Channel. Imus opens his new show on Monday, October 5.

Imus commented on Glenn Beck. He says he loves Glenn Beck, but joked "it doesn't end well."

On David Letterman, Imus said Letterman is a "mean-spirited jerk," "a punk" who should not have treated what he did in such a "frivolous" manner.

Imus said he does not think President Obama "knows what he is doing," but he does not dislike him. Imus said Obama reminds him of Jimmy Carter, although he said he's nicer than Carter, who is a "mean-spirited weasel."

Imus said Sarah Palin is a nice person, but thinks it is a "horrifying thought" that she could be the GOP Nominee in 2012. Imus said she is a "dope" who governed a state with "90 people and a polar bear."

On Dan Rather, Imus said he is "going crazy" and that he should "put on a sweater" and retire to Florida.




Anonymous,  October 3, 2009 at 10:35 PM  

well Don Imus, you are a class a A**HOLE, so your remarks are not suprising. I am disappointed that Fox is allowing him to have a time slot. He's a rude and ignorant SOB. This is the same person that called some baskeball players "nappy headed ho's". Yea, class act. What you think is not worth SQUAT.

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