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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Neil Cavuto Commentary Blasts Obama White House for Attacks on Fox News - Video 10/12/09

Here is video of an outstanding Neil Cavuto commentary from yesterday where Cavuto blasted White House Communications Director Anita Dunn who has been disparaging Fox News, saying "Let's not pretend they are a news network."

Well, Cavuto takes off on her use of the word "pretend," but setting forth a series of "Let's Pretend" statements himself. Here is his closing section:

"Let's pretend you work for the President of the United States and not some left-wing blog in the United States. Let's pretend you are as big as the historic place you work and not as petty as the less than historic words you spout. And let's pretend you care about all of our independent viewers and aren't being just careless about those viewers' cares. So let's pretend you're focused on the issues that matter and not the petty squabbles that do not, just as we should pretend you're not overwrought and snapping. Maybe you're just overworked and snippy."


GBA October 26, 2009 at 4:07 AM  

Out of a sense of growing frustration over economic policy and the role of government and big business in affecting every aspect of our respective day-to-day lives, I created the mugs and other protest items offered for sale here:


This is what I said about the mugs:

"There can be no better reminder that the monetary driven policies of corporate America are sometimes very hard to swallow!"

At the very least, these items will give everyone a little chuckle even if they aren't interested in buying.
Even better, bringing these items to market represents capitalism at it's finest, and maybe I'll actually make a few bucks!

If not, does anyone happen to know where I can get a quick, low-interest bail-out?

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