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Friday, October 2, 2009

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Compares Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson to "Martin Luther" for Insulting Republicans - Video 10/2/09

Here is video of MSNBC's Chris Matthews bizarrely comparing pathetic Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson to "Martin Luther" for calling Republicans "knuckle-dragging neanderthals" who want sick people to "die quickly." Grayson is clearly becoming a hero to the Radical Left for his comments.

Matthews also insulted GOP Minority Leader John Boehner by saying he always looks like a "guy who just blew a putt."

Grayson said he has had 5,000 visitors to his website who gave him money, and believes that means he will not suffer in his Orlando-centered district come election day 2010. Grayson said he does not care anyway, because he cares more about saving lives than his job.

Most of those 5,000 website contributions were probably from the radical leftists - people not even in his district. His district is winnable by Republicans in 2010, and the GOP needs to do everything possible to defeat this bozo.


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