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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michelle Obama Urges Healthy Eating; Says "Drive-Thru" Food Used to be "Like Heaven" - Video 10/13/09

Here is video of First Lady Michelle Obama giving a speech in which she talked about the importance of healthy nutrition habits as a family.

She said she could identify with mothers who work and then come home "to an empty refrigerator," and "kids who don't want to eat anything you have in mind." She said in those days, "drive-thru was like heaven" because you just wanted to "give them what they want" and have a peaceful meal.

But her perspective changed when their pediatrician urged her to change the family eating habits because the impact of the drive-thru food could be seen in the kids.

Michelle Obama urged the crowd to start small - to change things little by little to develop better eating habits.


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