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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mark Levin Describes Obama's "Hindenburg" Economy - Audio 10/2/09

Here is audio of Mark Levin yesterday talking about "The Real Obama Economy." He provides the actual economic numbers on the current state of the economy set to "Meet the Press" music in the background.

Levin gives information as to the actual unemployment rate, including those who have quit looking for work out of frustration - 17%. That is much higher than the reported 9.8%, which is a 30-year high in itself.

Levin says Obama "not only failed at the Olympics, he is failing millions and millions of Americans."

He points out that tax increases are coming in January 2010, because Obama is going to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, which will raise taxes on many small business owners. That, of course, will lead to even more unemployment.

Levin toward the end plays audio of the "Hindenburg Disaster" to describe the disastrous economy being created by President Obama.


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