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Monday, October 19, 2009

Larry Kudlow Asks if White House Involved in "Hoax" Chamber of Commerce Story - Video 10/19/09

Here is video of CNBC's Larry Kudlow asking reporter Hampton Pearson if the White House was involved in a "hoax" story reported earlier today about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce now supporting "Climate Change" legislation in the Senate. Pearson had breathlessly reported the story (see video below), only to come back later and report that the story was a total hoax (video above). At the end of the video above, Larry Kudlow asks Pearson if there was any evidence that the White House was invovled at all in the hoax story. Pearson said he had "no idea."



Unknown October 20, 2009 at 1:06 PM  

Bad spending leadership Bloomington Indiana Government an Indiana University home of one of Obama’s Leading lawyers, Nationalism the by out of local Company to maintain Bigger government so the local smaller companies will lose more money because they have to compete with the government, and the kicker is the Indiana University Sport Coaches has backed a Government By out. When they are being paid millions a year, rising taxes or products making smaller companies suffer. And to think as Indiana University complains about global warming when they have a Coal Burning power plant on campus. Yes Global Warming is a Joke, just ask WHY Indiana University tried to Take the land of a church across the street from it foot ball stadium to cover up and take the money for the rights to the cell phone tower on said grounds to make it a parker lot, to cover up the reports about the increase of the EMP an EMF Health related problem. Bail outs should not being on going, to uphold the failing of long ago of the world wide over production of things that the credit cards are holding or the stale mate of world wide market, The Foundations fathers one being Hyman Solomon understood money is worthless you can not eat it and every 7 years we should clear the bank of things owed and taxes should be a matter of Voluntary-ism so government does not become to big and Oppressive, The native Americans are still awaiting the settle-meant of what the Gold Rush of the 1850’s and the Daws Act of 1887 did to take unjustly control of the land’s resources that the stock market holds so much worth to this day. Read the Book Black Elk Speaks and understand why Black Elk Said Gold the yellow Metal That Drives men crazy, Personlly I think Obama should be Sued out of Office For Treason for not Upholding his oath of office and the right to arms and the man he helped put in jail for self defense, and the push of this weapons restriction and state line crossing, Sanctum Mcgallium, U.S. Title 42 USC Section 1983, degerdation of duty, Constitutional Contemp,

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