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Friday, October 16, 2009

Rove Tells Hannity Obama Team to force Agenda through even if it Means Defeat for Dems in 2010 - Video 10/16/09

Here is video of Karl Rove talking with Sean Hannity tonight about what he believes President Obama intends to do in the weeks ahead - push through ObamaCare, Cap and Trade.

Karl Rove says Seniors, Independents, and College Graduates are driving poll numbers away from Obama and the Democrats. All three groups now oppose Obama on Health Care. Rove believes the massive new spending, increasing debts, and the attempt to engineer a Government takeover of Health Care have been damaging to Obama.

Rove breaks out the whiteboard to illustrate the numbers on the Baucus bill, which he says is just a "vehicle" to get something out of the Senate Finance Committee so "Harry Reid can sit in a backroom somewhere and write the real bill" that will be brought forward.

He also believes the Obama Team's attitude is that the more moderate Democrats must be made to vote their way, even if it will result in defeat for those Democrats in November 2010 - Rove believes they think, "that's their problem."


Diogenes October 16, 2009 at 9:40 PM  
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Anonymous,  October 17, 2009 at 8:34 AM  

FOX News makes me sick!!!

What is so radical about affordable healthcare for all, fixing our schools so we can compete in a global economy, clean energy to wean us off foreign oil, working to lead the way and prevent climate change!?!?!?

But it's ok for 19 American girls to get raped by their American Co-Workers in Iraq because U.S. laws don't apply in Iraq?!? That's the republicans for you! The Republican party should be dismantled! They are a disgrace! FOX News only does this for the ratings, yes, all about money. Not really reporting the news. FOX News doesn't realize that eventually they will become irrelevant.

Anonymous,  October 17, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

I wanted to leave a note of thanks to this website for the wonderful job you guys are doing.

I used to be a lifelong democrat up until last year, there is no democratic party anymore, it is essentially a socialist/marxist party now.

I am now an independent, and frankly to my surprise, after calling myself a liberal for years, I realised I am probably more conservative... I want a strong america I want a small government.

I can tell you as a now new independent, I will be campaigning and donating to ALL conservatives... anyone who will stand in the way of this govt expansion.. even if that means rooting AGAINST the party I have been part of my entire life. The "democratic" party is dead. Even JFK would be too conservative for it.

As much I used to hate Karl Rove, he is correct, and its not just indies like me who will work agn these democrats, it is moderate democrats (like those at hillbuzz.org) who will work agn these marxists/socialists.

Great site.. keep it up!

(and yes, I was also one of those liberals who hated Fox News, now they are the only news station I trust. MSNBS, CNN/BS have become what Fox News used to be 5 yrs ago)

Brian October 17, 2009 at 12:58 PM  

Anonymous 10-17, 10:43 am,

It's so good to have you at Freedom's Lighthouse. Thanks for sharing your story. I suspect it is the story of many Americans.

You summed it up well, what I believe the majority of Americans really want - "A strong America and a small Government."

Let's do all we can to make that come to pass.


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