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Monday, October 12, 2009

John McCain Reminds People that He and Sarah Palin were "Leading in the Polls until the Stock Market Crash" - Video 10/11/09

Here is video of Sen. John McCain commenting on attacks on Sarah Palin by his former Campaign Manager Steve Schmidt. McCain told CNN's John King that "obviously there were tensions between Steve Schmidt and people in the Palin campaign." McCain would only praise Palin, but did not come right out and reprimand what Schmidt said.

McCain did remind people that choosing Palin "energized the GOP" and that he and Palin were "leading in the polls until the Stock Market Crash."

That is absolutely true. Democrats are grossly underestimating Palin's potential strength as a candidate because they overestimate Obama's victory in 2008. Obama was greatly helped by a public tired of eight years of the same President, tired of war, and shocked by dramatic economic crisis that unfolded in the last month and a half of the campaign. Obama's support was greatly inflated by these factors - factors that won't be there in 2012. In the end, Obama only won 53%-46%. It will only take 4% of voters to change their mind. That could easily happen.


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