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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great New Ad Shows Just Who Will Pay for ObamaCare - The Next Generation - Video

Here is video of a great new ad from the Family Research Council that shows just who will have to pay for President Obama's plans to impose Government-run Health Care on America - the Next Generation.

The ad shows a boy talking to his Grandpa:

Boy: Will your surgery cost a lot of money?
Grandpa: Yes, but it's free. The government's taking care of it.
Boy: Daddy says nothing is for free. Who's paying for it?
Grandpa: You are.
The ad then shows the boy getting dressed, picking up his briefcase, and heading off to work, saying "See you around 5:30 pm," to his Grandpa.


Anonymous,  October 26, 2009 at 1:06 PM  

This is great! It really made me laugh! So, if we choose to opt out of a government run insurance program (that people can choose not to participate in) then our children will not have to bear the burden of the costs? Is that right? What a blatant lie!!!! As the costs of medical insurance and medical treatments, rise to the rates they become so unaffordable, we stop being able to afford them. Our children are sufferin now as many go into bankruptcy due to debt from medical bills. Do you hear Canadians crying about the costs of a government run health care system? Or the many other nations who have out smarted the ignorant Americans? Not really. Jump to it Americans -cry about things you do not understand!

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