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Monday, October 19, 2009

Chris Wallace Nails Terry McAuliffe with His Own Words Calling Fox News "Fair and Balanced" Toward Hillary - Video 10/18/09

Here is video of Karl Rove and Terry McAuliffe debating the White House strategy of attacking Fox News.

Rove said he believes Obama's White House is dominated by "Chicago-style politics." If they don't like what a reporter says, they "keep score" and seek to get back at them.

McAuliffe said "people are annoyed" that "Fox" did not broadcast Obama's speech on Health Care to the nation. Actually, Fox News carried Obama's speech - it was the Fox Entertainment network that did not.

Rove said it is "over the top" for the White House to refer to Fox News as "the enemy." He said it was "demeaning" to the Presidency for Obama's White House to treat Fox News in this way.

Wallace nailed McAuliffe by playing a clip that showed him congratulating Fox News during the campaign last year for being "Fair and Balanced" toward Hillary Clinton in her nomination battle with Barack Obama.


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