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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ann Coulter and Joy Behar Spar About Sarah Palin; Behar Calls Palin "Incoherent" - Video 9/30/09

Here is video of Ann Coulter on the Joy Behar Show, where she went back and forth with Behar about Sarah Palin. Behar said Palin was "incoherent" - unable to "put a sentence together." Ann Coulter disagreed, pointing out that Palin's Facebook comment about there being "Death Panels" in the ObamaCare bill totally turned the whole debate around. Coulter said, "That's a powerful woman." Behar did agree with Coulter that Palin is "powerful in a certain way - I have to admit it."

Below is the full interview Behar did with Ann Coulter:


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