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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Actual Comments by McChrystal in London Show He Has Not Been "Insubordinate" - Video 10/1/09

Here is video of Gen. Stanley McChrystal's comments in London on October 1, 2009, that have supposedly angered the White House and are leading to accusations that he has been "insubordinate" and has "not followed the chain of command."

If you listen to the video you will see that McChrystal was asked a question about Afghanistan strategy, and whether the Allies can now just use predator drones to target Al Qaeda rather than having boots on the ground seeking to prevent the Taliban from retaking control of Afghanistan. McChrystal said "No," and explained why. He never mentioned Obama or Joe Biden, but strictly answered the question asked. He did not even bring the issue up, and his answer was completely consistent with his recommendation to President Obama. It also is consistent with current strategy which requires the presence of tens of thousands of NATO troops, which includes troops from Great Britain.

It would appear the enemies of McChrystal's assessment - that we need more troops on Afghanistan - are taking this and trying to destroy him because they don't agree with him, under the guise that he has been "insubordinate." He has not been.


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