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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Warns Health Care Bill Will Be "The Biggest Snatch of Freedom and Liberty" - Video 10/31/09

Here is a preview of Rush Limbaugh's appearance on "Fox News Sunday" where he warns that the Health Care bill is "going to be the biggest snatch of freedom and liberty that has yet occurred in this country."


Scozzafava Talks to Media About Decision to Pull Out of NY 23rd Race - Video 10/31/09

Here is video of Dede Scozzafava today talking to the media and explaining her decision to withdraw from New York's 23rd Congressional District Race. The election will be held Tuesday, and Scozzafava's withdrawal leaves Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the driver's seat against Democrat Bill Owens.


MSNBC Report Confirms that Dede Scozzafava has Dropped Out of NY 23rd Race - Video 10/31/09

Here is an MSNBC video report confirming that Dede Scozzafava has dropped out of the New York 23rd Congressional District Race. The Democratic Analyst interviewed believes it will be very hard for Democrat Bill Owens to win now.


Democrat James Clyburn Bluntly Reveals Democrats Plan to Use the "Nuclear Option" to Pass ObamaCare - Video

Here is video of Democrat Rep. James Clyburn flatly revealing that "the magic number is 50" in the U.S. Senate to pass ObamaCare. That means, the Senate will use the "Nuclear Option" (Reconciliation Process) to ram the bill through the Senate when the time comes. Up to now, as far as I know, no Democrat has come right out and said it, but now Clyburn has. He even said that on the day of the vote, "The Vice-President will probably be in the chair." Meaning to cast the 51st vote for passage, if needed.

All their talk of "bipartisanship" is a total sham. The Democrats appear ready to impose Socialized Medicine on America no matter the political cost to themselves. If they are determined to do so, Republicans will simply not have the votes to stop it in the Senate, UNLESS, enough of an outcry takes place from across the country to scare about nine Democratic Senators into not voting in favor using the Nuclear Option.


Michelle Bachmann Calls on Citizens to Come to D.C. and "Pay a House Call on Nancy Pelosi" - Video 10/30/09

Here is video of GOP Rep. Michelle Bachman on Sean Hannity last night, where she called on Americans to come to Capitol Hill this next Thursday and help her "pay a house call on Nancy Pelosi."

Bachmann says this next week is crucial in stopping the Democrats from succeeding in passing "the crown jewel of Socialism" - Government-run Health Care.

Bachmann intends to hold a press conference at 12 noon next Thursday, November 5, and then wants citizens to accompany her into the Capitol to actually talk to members of Congress "up and down through the halls."


BREAKING NEWS: Dede Scozzafava Withdraws from New York 23rd Congressional District Race

BREAKING NEWS: Dede Scozzafava has announced today she is ending her bid to win New York's 23rd Congressional District. Her withdrawal as the Republican Candidate would seem to all but guarantee a victory by Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Democrat Bill Owens. Owens had been leading a very tight three-way race thanks to Republicans splitting their votes between the more moderate Scozzafava and conservative Doug Hoffman. Hoffman has been endorsed by several leading Republicans, including Gov. Sarah Palin:

Dede Scozzafava, the Republican and Independence parties candidate, announced Saturday that she is suspending her campaign for the 23rd Congressional District and releasing all her supporters.

The state Assemblywoman has not thrown her support to either Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate, or Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate.

"Today, I again seek to act for the good of our community," Ms. Scozzafava wrote in a letter to friends and supporters. "It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so. I am and have always been a proud Republican. It is my hope that with my actions today, my party will emerge stronger and our district and our nation can take an important step towards restoring the enduring strength and economic prosperity that has defined us for generations." . . . MORE
You have to give Scozzafava credit for doing what is best here in the end, rather than taking a chance on handing the seat to the Democrats.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Britain's Lord Monckton Warns Glenn Beck about Dangers of Climate Change Treaty - Video 10/30/09

Here is video from Glenn Beck's show today where he focused on the bizarre plans by President Obama to sign onto the Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen at a world conference to be held December 7-18. Beck had former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and Britain's Lord Monckton, a Climate Change expert, and a former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Monckton warns that signing the treaty will begin the process of giving up U.S. Sovereignty to a world body that will have the power to impact U.S. financial markets and the greater U.S. Economy. He said it currently contains the power for the body to levy a 2% tax on nations and to impose penalties for C02 emissions.

Bolton thinks the treaty is dangerous, but is not prepared to go as far as Monckton yet. But he said it does have the potential to do great damage. Even if Obama signs it, it would require a two-thirds vote of the U.S. Senate to ratify the treaty and make us bound to the terms. Fascinating discussion.





More as it becomes available . . .


Bill O'Reilly Appears on "The View" as a Vampire; Debates War on Fox News - Video 10/30/09

Here is video of Bill O'Reilly appearing on "The View" today dressed as a Vampire! He sparred with the "ladies" about the White House war on Fox News.

O'Reilly said Fox News' ratings have gone up dramatically since Obama and his people began their attacks. He said CNN's ratings are going down because they have "no pizazz."


Rush Limbaugh Says Barack Obama is a "Destroyer" and Not a "Creator" - Video 10/30/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today blasting President Obama and their claims to have created or saved hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Limbaugh said, in fact, Obama and his policies have "destroyed" jobs, lives, and small businesses in America. Limbaugh summed it up by saying Barack Obama is a "destroyer" and not a "creator."


Geraldo Rivera Mixes Up Names "Osama bin Laden" and "Obama" on Fox & Friends - Video 10/30/09

Here is video of Geraldo Rivera this morning on Fox and Friends where he analyzed the current military situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He had been talking about Hillary Clinton calling out the Pakistanis, where she said they had to know if Osama bin Laden is in their country. That's when Geraldo made a real slip, especially for someone left of center.

At around the 1:55 mark, Geraldo proceeded to say this President - "Osama bin Laden" - and then he caught himself, and was terribly embarrassed. Others on the couch told him it was "okay."

If a conservative had done this, they would be accused of doing it on purpose. Obviously, this was an innocent mistake by Geraldo. This just goes to show that it is fairly easy to confuse the names Obama and Osama - even for a liberal.


CBS News Airs Report Questioning the Truthfulness of Obama's Jobs Numbers - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of a CBS News report questioning the truthfulness of the number of jobs the White House is reporting that have been "saved or created" as a result of Obama's Stimulus Plan.

CBS News reporter Chip Reid shows some shocking examples of jobs Obama's report claims were created, but turned out to be totally untrue. It calls into question the honesty of any numbers on the economy being put out by Obama's White House.

CBS News might need to get ready for the "Fox News" treatment with reporting like this!


Joe Lieberman Says He Will Support Some Republicans in 2010 Elections - Video 10/30/09

Here is video of Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman saying in an ABC News interview he expects to support some Republicans in the 2010 mid-term elections.

This will only cause Democrats to be further infuriated with Lieberman, who has already said he will not support a Health Care Bill that contains a "Public Option."


Neil Cavuto Says Chris Christie Exchange with Don Imus will be "Deal-Changer" in Election - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of Neil Cavuto saying GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Christie's exchange with Don Imus yesterday will be a "deal-changer" in his New Jersey race against Democrat Jon Corzine.

Christie was on with Imus yesterday and joked about his weight, which has been attacked by Corzine's campaign. Christie made fun of his own weight, but also said Corzine should "Man up" about it. "If you say I’m fat, I’m fat. Let’s go. Let’s talk about it.”

Below is the full interview Christie did with Don Imus:




Lou Dobbs Talks to Wolf Blitzer About Shots Fired at His Wife and Home - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of CNN's Lou Dobbs talking with Wolf Blitzer last night about his revelation that shots were fired at his wife and home about three weeks ago. Dobbs was ending his show and passing it off to Blitzer when Blitzer asked Dobbs about the reports. Dobbs said the incident followed months of "threatening phone calls," and were a result of his position on "illegal immigration."

Dobbs told Blitzer the New Jersey Patrol is investigating the attack, and he could not say much about it. He also praised CNN Security since the incident, saying they have been "babysitting" him.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glenn Beck Tells O'Reilly Sarah Palin Positioning Herself for Third-Party Run in 2012 - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck on with Bill O'Reilly tonight where they talked about Gov. Sarah Palin's reemergence into the public eye with her upcoming book tour. Beck said this book tour will be crucial for her, agreeing with O'Reilly it is essentially a "make or break" time for her to show she has "gravitas." Beck also said he believes Palin is "extraordinarily bright," and that she is positioning herself for a "third-party" run that could win.

Beck said Mitt Romney is a "great CEO" and "deal maker," but that he is not sure Romney is a "reformer."


Bill O'Reilly Hopes Sarah Palin will Appear on "The O'Reilly Factor"; Promises "No Gotcha Agenda" - Video 10/29/09

Here is video tonight of Bill O'Reilly saying he hopes Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on The O'Reilly Factor as part of her strategy to change the perception that she is not qualified to be President. O'Reilly cited a CNN Poll just out that shows around 70% of Americans do not believe she is qualified to be President. O'Reilly said he believes she did well as Governor of Alaska. He promised she would face no "gotcha agenda" on the Factor. Palin will soon start a nationwide book tour to promote her books "Going Rogue," which is set for release in November.


Security Video Shows Naples, Italy Mafia Killing - Video

UPDATED 11:58 am 10/30/09 - Here is more complete video of the shooting. It actually shows the man committing the murder:

Here is security tape video of a Mafia murder in Naples, Italy taking place. In the video, you see a man standing to the left smoking, and out of nowhere comes a gunman who shoots the victim in the neck and walks away. You don't actually see the shot to the neck because it all happens so fast, but suddenly the victim is on the ground and the gunman is walking away. Police are still looking for the killer, whom they believe is connected to the mafia.


Famous Filibusters - Video Report 10/29/09

Here is video of a CNN Report which talks about the history of "filibusters" in the U.S. Senate. Strom Thurmond holds the record for talking more than 24 hours himself in a filibuster to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1957. A filibuster to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1964 lasted for 57 days, which is the longest ever.


Glenn Beck Reveals Two Sets of Radicals Behind a "Blue Curtain"; Says Americans Must Choose - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck today removing the "blue curtain" and revealing what he calls two sets of radicals - the revolutionaries who founded America and the Obama Radicals who are trying to fundamentally change the nature of our country.

Beck used a countdown clock to lead up to the removal of the "blue curtain." He said Americans are trying to live on the edge, without choosing between the principles the nation is founded on, and the radical agenda Obama is seeking to impose on the nation. Beck said, the time has come to choose.


Rush Limbaugh Hammers Obama on Bogus "Jobs Saved and Created" Numbers - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today blasting the Obama Administration for what he calls their dishonesty over how many jobs the Stimulus Bill created or saved.

He quoted an AP article which says the Obama Administration "overstates" the numbers.


New GOP Ad for Halloween: ObamaCare Effort $3.5 Trillion Scariest Movie Ever - Video

Here is a great new National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC)ad out just in time for Halloween, that dubs Obama's attempt to impose Government Health Care on America the scariest movie ever, a movie that cost "$3.5 Trillion to make." It concludes with the creepy singing in praise of Obama who is "gonna change us." Great ad!


Boehner Calls Democrats' New Health Bill "1,990 Pages of Bureaucracy" - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner responding to the Democrats' new 1,990 page bill released today. Boehner said the bill is "1,990 pages of bureaucracy," and asked, "Now tell me how we are going to fix our health care system with 1,990 pages of bureaucracy?"


Full Text of House Democrats' New 1,990 Page Government Health Care Bill

Here is the full text of the 1,990 page Health Care Bill released today by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The bill is called the "Affordable Health Care for America Act":

House HCR Bill


Cantor Blasts New Pelosi Health Bill; Points Out the "Public" was Barred from Unveiling of "Public Option" Bill - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of GOP Rep. Eric Cantor slamming the Democrats' new Government Health Care Bill, and pointed out that they unveiled the new bill at an event that was not even open to the public.

Cantor said, "Here they go again," that the Democrats are not listening to the American people. Despite the will of the people being against a "Public Option" Government takeover of Health Care, they are determined to do so.

Cantor said Pelosi held her press conference today "on public ground" to unveil a "public option," but denied access to the Public!

Cantor scoffed at the claim that this is a "transparent bill," saying the whole process has been completely one-sided, and pointed to the press conference not even being open to the public.


Pelosi Unveils New Government Health Care Bill with a "Public Option" at an Event Closed to the Public - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiling her House Health Care Bill that contains a "Public Option" at an event held today. The bill is called the "Affordable Health Care Act for America," and would result in a Government-run Health Care option.

Interestingly, Pelosi's unveiling took place outside the U.S. Capitol but was an event that was not open to the public, even though it took place in a public place to reveal a "Public Option." You can see what happened when someone tried to attend the event in the video below:


New DNC Ad Finalist Features Grafitti Desecration of a Painted American Flag - Video

Here is video of a discussion on Fox News concerning an ad that is a finalist for Obama's Organizing for America "Health Reform" ad contest. It is sponsored by the Democrat National Committee.

The ad shows a painted U.S. Flag being desecrated with grafitti related to Health Care Reform. It is one of twenty finalists selected by the DNC ad committee.

The liberal on the discussion sees nothing wrong with the ad, but essentially says he can see why the "right wing" would have a problem with it. When asked why, he says because of how they feel about "flag-burning."

So here you have a liberal spokesman essentially saying conservatives oppose flag burning / desecration, and liberals do not. We already knew that, but you rarely hear a liberal be quite that honest, rather than trying to hide behind the 1st Amendment.


Morning Joe Panel Despairs that Sen. Joe Lieberman's Mind is Made Up Against a "Public Option" - Video 10/29/09

Here is video of a Morning Joe Panel today discussing Sen. Joe Lieberman's statement that he will not support a Health Care Bill with a "Public Option."

They said Lieberman has signaled he will simply not support what the Democrats are trying to do, and they tried to say it is because he is too closely tied to the Insurance Industry.

The whole panel was made of liberals - Mika Brzeznski, Mike Barnacle, and Lawrence O'Donnell - and you can tell they are really put out with Lieberman!


President Obama Makes Middle of the Night Trip to Greet Returning War Dead from Afghanistan - Video 10/29/09

Here is a video report on President Obama making a surprise visit to Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware overnight to greet the caskets of U.S. Soldiers and DEA Agents killed in Afghanistan. Obama made the trip in the middle of the night, and returned to the White House around 5:00 this morning.

Obama lifted the ban on media coverage of military dead returning to the U.S.


Michelle Malkin Slams Harry Reid for Plans to use the "Nuclear Option" to Ram ObamaCare Through - Video 10/28/09

Here is video of Michelle Malkin talking to Sean Hannity last night about plans by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to use the "reconciliation process" to ram through ObamaCare legislation. This is also called the "Nuclear Option," because it would disregard to rules of the Senate and use a process intended for funding legislation to ram through Obama's radical agenda. It would require only 50 votes to bring a bill to a vote, rather than the usual 60 votes to invoke "cloture." Using this approach would also limit debate to "20 hours," and limit the number of amendments that can be offered.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Comments on Historic Reagan Speech - "A Time for Choosing" - Video

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh commenting on excerpts from Ronald Reagan's classic "Rendezvous with Destiny - A Time for Choosing" speech on October 27,1964 - a speech delivered by Reagan 45 years ago.

Below is video of Reagan's entire speech:


GOP Rep. Steve King Destroys NFL Commissioner Over Anti-Rush Limbaugh Remarks - Video 10/28/09

Here is video of Iowa Rep. Steve King destroying NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Captiol Hill today where he took Goodell to task for his negative comments about Rush Limbaugh possibly becoming an NFL Owner. King pointed out the unfairness of his comments about Limbaugh, and pointed out that new part ownership of the Miami Dolphins (Fergie) has actually made comments in songs that should be shunned by the NFL.

It was obvious Goodell did not know what hit him. He was tongue-tied and unable to give a coherent response.


Alan Grayson Confronted By "O'Reilly Factor" Producer - Video

Here is video of Alan Grayson being confronted about his "K Street Whore" remark by the "O'Reilly Factor" producer Griff Jenkins.


Levi Johnston Says He's Hiding "Huge" Things About Palin That "Will Hurt Her" - Video 10/28/09

Here is video of Levi Johnston on CBS's "Early Show."

Johnston said that he's hiding "huge" things about Palin that "would get her in trouble, and could hurt her. Will hurt her."

When asked if he was doing all this for "revenge" he answered "that's part of it."


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Krauthammer Calls Obama Out on His "Disgusting" and "Childlike" Constant Attacks on Bush - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer talking about Obama's constant attacks on Bush.

Krauthammer said "there's something truly disgusting about the way he can not refrain from attacking Bush when he's being defensive about himself, I mean it's beyond disgraceful."

Krauthammer also said that Obama should be "courageous enough as a President to simply say I'm rethinking the strategy I adopted six months ago and not once again childlike attack his predecessor."


WH Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett Says Fox News Is Biased; Won't Say MSNBC Is Biased - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett on CNN telling Campbell Brown that Fox News is biased.

Campbell Brown asked Jarrett "do you think Fox News is biased?" She answered "of course they're biased." Brown then asked her "do you also think that MSNBC is biased?" She avoided the question and would not say that MSNBC is biased.


Shepard Smith Apologizes For "Lack of Balance" - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of Shepard Smith apologizing for "lack of balance."

Shannon Bream interviewed Republican Chris Christie. After the interview Shepard Smith asked "when will you be interviewing Jon Corzine?" Shannon Bream answered that they have multiple requests in and they will interview him "when it comes through."

Shepard Smith reacted by saying "wow, I didn't know that was about to happen my apologies for the lack of balance there, if I had control it wouldn't have happened."


David Shuster Asks "You Made an Equivalency Between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, Do You Really Want to Stand By That?" - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of John McCormack from "The Weekly Standard" on MSNBC debating the media's bias and whether or not Obama is getting a free pass.

David Shuster showed his bias from the start by asking "how about the context in all of this? I mean it's not like President Obama took the nation to war under false pretenses, so maybe to the extent the current president gets a pass there's some context involved."

John McCormack pointed out the media's bias in the coverage of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama's experience during the campaign. Right before the end of the video Shuster asked McCormack "You made an equivalency between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, do you really want to stand by that?"


Glenn Beck Discusses the Call to "Stop Global Warming By Stop Eating Meat" - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck talking about the UK's "Climate Chief" calling for people to become vegetarians.

Beck talked about schools in Baltimore, Maryland that have started "Meatless Monday's" so that the students can "eat and learn about healthy environmentally friendly choices."


Lieberman Will Join "Republican Filibuster" Unless "Public Option" Removed - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of "Fox News Alert" reporting Joe Lieberman has said that he will join a "Republican Filibuster" of the Health Care Reform bill unless they remove the "Public Option."


Rush Limbaugh Reacts to John Kerry; Says "These People Have No Guts, Nor Do They Have Souls" - Video 10/27/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh talking about John Kerry's comments yesterday at the Council on Foreign Relations.

John Kerry talking about Afghanistan said "because of the gross mishandling of this war by past civilian leadership, there are no great options for it's handling today. One American officer captured well our lack of a strategy when he said we haven't been fighting in Afghanistan 8 years, we've been fighting in Afghanistan 1 year, 8 times in a row. That is our inheritance."

Reacting to Kerry's remarks Rush said "these people are absolutely shameless, they have no guts, nor do they have souls, the Bush-Cheney administration left them with a plan. Robert Gibbs was forced to admit they got the plan and implemented it in March."


Joy Behar Interview With "Joe the Plumber" - Video 10/26/09

Here is video of Joy Behar interviewing "Joe the Plumber" Samuel Wurzelbacher on HLN.


Sean Hannity Calls Journalism Students' Attack on Him and Fox News "Pathetic" - Video 10/26/09

Here is video of Sean Hannity last night responding to a group of Columbia University Gradulat School of Journalism students who attacked him and Fox News in a "hip-hop" song they did for an assignment.

Hannity called it "pathetic," and one of the panelists said the problem is that nothing in their song "rhymes with Olbermann."


Obama as Candidate Pledged Not to Pass ObamaCare with "Fifty Plus One Strategy" - Audio 2007

Here is audio of Barack Obama as a candidate in 2007 where he said flatly "we are not going to pass universal health care with a fifty plus one strategy." Obama said "you can't govern" if you go about things in that way.

But now, of course, the Democrats are contemplating the use of just such a "Nuclear Option" to ram ObamaCare through.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Michael Wolff on MSNBC's "Hardball" Says Fox News "Extreme Presence in US" and "Not Very Popular" - Video 10/26/09

Here is video of Michael Wolff talking with Chris Matthews about Fox News.

Michael Wolff said "the truth is Fox is not very popular in this country, it may have great ratings but still we're talking under two million people, it's a really marginal somewhat extreme presence in the United States."


Lou Dobbs Responds to Geraldo's Attacks; Says Geraldo Spews "Vile Stupidity and Ignorance" - Audio 10/26/09

Here is audio of Lou Dobbs responding to Geraldo Rivera's attacks at a speech he made. Geraldo also attacked Dobbs today on "Brian & The Judge" radio show calling him "the man who's done more to slander Latinos in this country than anyone else."

Lou Dobbs said Geraldo "wouldn't know a fact if it hit him in the rear." Dobbs said Geraldo spews "vile stupidity and ignorance everywhere he goes."


Geraldo Rivera Says Lou Dobbs "Man Who's Done More to Slander Latinos Than Anyone Else" - Audio 10/26/09

Here is audio of Geraldo Rivera on "Brian & The Judge" calling Lou Dobbs "the man who's done more to slander Latinos in this country than anyone else."

Geraldo asked "where is the complaints about CNN and Lou Dobbs from the administration? Don't they care that President Obama would not be President but for the Latino vote? They allow a reporter, or a correspondent, or a commentator to go on the air night after night with profoundly negative stereotypical falsehoods about Latinos and particularly immigrants."


Glenn Beck Responds to Jane Hall Calling Him "Over the Top and Scary" - Audio 10/26/09

Here is audio of Glenn Beck responding to Jane Hall saying on CNN that Glenn Beck is "somebody who's language is way over the top and scary."


America's Future Journalists Display Bias Against Fox News in Hip-Hop Rant - Video

Here is video of America's future journalists at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism doing a hip-hop rant as part of an assignment, which included an attack on Fox News and Sean Hannity:

"But I will never lose touch with my own humanity
Get every side to speak
But there's no need to hear crazy
Or create false sense of parity
Like Fox News and Hannity . . ."
Looks like they are training them well, to become clones of the impartial "journalists" at MSNBC.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

McConnell Says Dems Nervous that their Image is that of a Teenager with their Parents' Credit Card - Video 10/25/09

Here is video of GOP Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on This Week with George Stephanopoulos today, where he said Democrats are getting nervous "over this increasing view that Congress is acting like a teenager with their parents' credit card, not worried about who's going to have to pay the bill."

What a great way to say it!


Cal Thomas Likens Obama War on Fox News to Soviet Jamming of "Voice of America" Broadcasts - Video

Here is video of Cal Thomas on Fox News Watch this weekend where he likened Obama's war on Fox News to the former Soviet Union's attempts to jam Voice of America broadcasts to Eastern Europe.

In other words, they are trying to keep millions of Americans from hearing a different point of view than what is parrotted in the "Mainstream Media," which is functioning very much like the old Soviet-controlled state-run media. Interesting analogy by Thomas.


Democratic Rep Takes Cheap Shot at Fox News While on Fox News; Fox Anchor Doesn't Let Him Get Away With It - Video 10/25/09

Here is video of Democratic New Jersey Rep Rob Andrews taking a cheap shot at Fox News while on Fox News.

Andrews asked "could we have just a minute of fair and balance just as an exception here?"

Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett then pointed out that he had just asked a "very tough question" to Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn earlier in the segment. Jarrett said "that's a cheap shot and I'm not going to put up with it here." He then ended the segment.


Jane Hall Explains Why She Left Fox News and Attacks Glenn Beck - Video 10/25/09

Here is video of Jane Hall, who often appeared on O'Reilly's show along with Bernie Goldberg, on CNN explaining why she left Fox News.

She said she left Fox because "they have had less debate than they used to." She said another factor of her leaving was Glenn Beck, who she called "somebody who's language is way over the top and scary."

Here is another clip of Jane Hall on CNN saying that "there's been a campaign to say Obama was a socialist, a communist, a racist, on news programs as well as on commentary."


"This Week" Roundtable Discuss WH War With Fox; Ingraham says WH More "Impassioned" About Fox Than Jihadists - Video 10/25/09

Here is video of ABC's "This Week" discussing the White House's war with Fox News Channel.

Laura Ingraham pointed out that the White House seems more "impassioned" about Fox News than they are about terrorists.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Geraldo Slams Lou Dobbs on Illegal Immigration; Calls Obama the "First Latino President" - Video

Here is video of Geraldo Rivera giving a speech in which he rails against CNN's Lou Dobbs for his opposition to illegal immigration and his coverage of border issues.

Rivera says Dobbs "is almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young Latino as scapegoat for everything that ails this country."

Geraldo also said that rumors of Dobbs being courted to come to Fox News are "absolutely untrue." Rivera says his boss confirmed that Dobbs will not be coming to Fox News.

Geraldo also criticized Mitt Romney as a "turncoat" for opposing "comprehensive immigration reform," and said that's why John McCain was nominated.

He called President Obama the "first Latino President - the first brown President" because he was elected as a result of the Latino vote (according to Geraldo).

Geraldo made the remarks speaking at a luncheon sponsored by El Diario La Prensa NY.


Canadian Tourism Federation Mocks Global Warming in New Ad - Video

Here is a great new ad by the "Canadian Tourism Federation" that mocks "Global Warming" by saying Canada's "C02" emissions are rising faster than any other G8 country. But, "the bright side" they said is, "A warmer Canada is the perfect place for your next family holiday."

The whole thing is becoming a total joke. If they were real believers in the dangers of Global Warming, they would not mock it like this.


CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: "Gay Rights Rally In Washington Had Just About As Many People" as 9/12 March on Washington - Video 10/24/09

Here is video of a panel on CNN talking about the White House and it's war on Fox News.

Towards the end of the video Jeffrey Toobin said that "when Fox News decides that the tea parties, and the rally in Washington by the tea party people is a big story...well you know there was a gay rights rally in Washington with just about as many people that got almost no coverage because it didn't have a television network pushing it." Rick Sanchez responded to this by saying "that's a good point."


Ann Coulter Talks With Joy Behar About Obama's Attacks on Fox News - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Ann Coulter on Joy Behar's show yesterday talking about Obama's attacks on Fox News.


CNN Reports on Website Designed to Assess if You Have Swine Flu - Video - 10/24/09

Here is CNN video reporting on a website designed to help people figure out if they have the H1NI (Swine) Flu.

Here's the direct link to the Flu Self-Assessment site mentioned in the video.


Nightline Does Two Day Expose on Scientology - Scientology Spokesman Storms Out - Complete Video

The video above shows a Scientology Spokesman being interviewed on ABC's Nightline last night. He was angered by a question asked and as a result decided to storm out.

Below you will find the entire expose done by Nightline over a two-day period on the nature of Scientology - a belief system invented by the late Science Fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard:

Day 1 - Part 1 - Introduction to Scientology

Day 1 - Part 2 - Allegations of Violence vs. Scientology Leader

Day 1 - Part 3 - Former Scientologists

Day 2 - PART 1 - Scientology and Tom Cruise

Day 2 - PART 2 - Scientology and Celebrities

Day 2 - PART 3 - The Secrets of Scientology (Spokesman Storms out of Interview - starts at 3:39 mark of video)

Day 2 - PART 4 - The Future of Celebrities in Scientology

Day 2 - PART 5 - Closing Arguments


First Lady Michelle Obama Shows Off Her "Hula-Hoop" Skills on the White House Lawn - Video 10/23/09

Here is video yesterday of First Lady Michelle Obama showing off her "hula-hoop" skills by keeping the hoop going for 142 swivels on the White House Lawn during a Health and Fitness emphasis held there. She also jumped rope with kids and ran an obstacle course.


President Obama Declares National Emergency for Swine Flu - Video 10/24/09

Here is a video report on President Obama declaring H1N1 (Swine Flu) a "National Emergency." The decision was announced this morning.
President Obama Saturday declared the H1N1 flu a national emergency, clearing the way for legal waivers to allow hospitals and doctors offices to better handle a surge of new patients.

The proclamation will grant Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius the power to authorize the waivers as individual medical facilities request them, officials said.

It says that Obama does "hereby find and proclaim that, given that the rapid increase in illness across the Nation may overburden health care resources and that the temporary waiver of certain standard Federal requirements may be warranted in order to enable U.S. health care facilities to implement emergency operations plans, the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in the United States constitutes a national emergency."

White House officials downplayed the dramatic-sounding language, saying the president's action was not prompted by a new assessment of the dangers posed to the public by the flu.

Instead, officials said the action provides greater flexibility for hospitals which may suddenly find themselves confronted with a surge of new patients as the virus sweeps through their communities.

"The H1N1 is moving rapidly, as expected. By the time regions or healthcare systems recognize they are becoming overburdened, they need to implement disaster plans quickly," White House spokesman Reid Cherlin said Saturday. . . . MORE


Sally Quinn Says Washington Buzzing over White House War on Fox News; Thinks WH is "Dumb and Dumber" - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Sally Quinn, longtime Washington Post columnist and reporter, and wife of the Washington Post's Bill Bradlee, commenting first on Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson and then on Obama's War on Fox News.

On Grayson, Quinn said he reminded her of wacky Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

On the War on Fox News, Quinn said she is "baffled by it," and that it "never pays to single out a news organization" like this. She said it is a "really big story" on the social circuit in Washington, and virtually everyone thinks the White House is "dumb and dumber" for what they are doing. Virtually everyone "thinks it's absolutely crazy."

NOTE: Quinn is as good as anyone to give real insight into what Washington really thinks of Obama on this.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Gov. Bobby Jindal Tells Hannity Upcoming Governors Elections Will be "Bellweather" for 2010 Elections - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on with Sean Hannity tonight where he said he believes the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey this November will be a bellweather for the 2010 Congressional elections. Jindal said, "People have had enough."

Jindal believes that many in the Republican Party have learned their lesson and are coming back to the conservative principles that can build a great party. This after the party really strayed from those principles when in the majority.


Glenn Beck Interviews British Author of "Welcome to Obamaland: I've Seen Your Future and it Doesn't Work" - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck today talking with Britain's James Delingpole, author of Welcome to Obamaland: I've seen your future and it doesn't work (interview begins at 3:50 mark of first video).

Delingpole was a fascinating guest, who really does speak as one who has seen firsthand the socialistic society Obama hopes to build here in the United States. His descriptions of where the nanny-state mentality has taken Great Britain is truly a glimpse into America's future if we don't prevent the Democrats from implementing their plans.

Delingpole said the thing that will really destroy America is "Cap and Trade," because it will give government so much control over the economy and everyday life. He gave an example that in Britain, they have 2 million trash cans outfitted with special sensors that weigh how much trash a family disposes of and then charges them for it.

This is a great interview! Informative and entertaining.

Part 1 - Interview begins at 3:50 mark

Part 2


Glenn Beck Illustrates Obama's "The Chicago Way" with Scenes of Capone in "The Untouchables" - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck today where he had a truly outstanding opening segment in which he illustrated "the Chicago Way" being used by President Obama to strongarm people by playing clips from "The Untouchables," and showing a baseball bat. Beck likened those who support Obama to those sitting around Al Capone's table. If someone gets out of line, they "get whacked." Beck powerfully made the point that it is time for Americans to "stand up" to Obama instead of continuing to sit at his table in fear waiting to "get whacked."

Beck also said it is time for Americans to note that "he is just one guy. There are more of us than there is of him." He pointed out examples of how Obama has "whacked" those who won't go along with him - U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Humana, Fox News.




Robert Gibbs Thinks Obama Will Make Decision on Afghanistan in "Next Several Weeks" - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Robert Gibbs on "Morning Joe" talking about Afghanistan.

Gibbs was asked when he thinks Obama will make a decision on Afghanistan. He answered "I think in the coming weeks, I think in the next several weeks the President will make a decision and announce that decision and talk to the American people."

Gibbs was also asked "does the President still consider Afghanistan a war of necessity?" He answered "absolutely."


Barack Obama's Teleprompter Problem During Speech at MIT - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Barack Obama having yet another teleprompter problem during a speech at MIT.


Rush Limbaugh Says Obama White House Already "Throwing Under the Bus" Dem Virginia Candidate Deeds - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today talking about what he calls a "monumental story." Rush talks about the fact that Obama's White House is already "throwing under the bus" Democrat candidate for Virginia Governor Creigh Deeds. He is trailing by double-digits less than two weeks before the November 4 election.

Limbaugh said Obama is showing his colors to Democrats, that Obama will not stand by his candidates when they are polling badly. In fact, Limbaugh called the leaks published in the Washington Post a "political assassination of a Democrat Candidate before the election."

Sensing that victory in the race for Virginia governor is slipping away, Democrats at the national level are laying the groundwork to blame a loss in a key swing state on a weak candidate who ran a poor campaign that failed to fully embrace President Obama until days before the election. . . . MORE


Nancy Pelosi Shocked at Being asked if Congress Has the Right to Impose Health Care on People - Audio 10/22/09

Here is brief audio of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being asked where the U.S. Constitution gives the Congress authority to mandate that individual people must buy health insurance. She gave an incredulous response: "Are you serious? Are you serious?"

Absolutely. That is a serious question. In fact, some believe such a mandate, if enacted, could very well bring a Constitutional test that is winnable. But Pelosi is simply shocked at the idea that Democrats could be told there is something the Government is not allowed to do.


GMA Reports Sen. Harry Reid will Put Forward Senate Health Bill WITH a "Public Option" - Video 10/23/09

Here is video of Good Morning America today reporting that Democrat Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring forward a Senate Health Care Bill that DOES contain a Government-run "Public Option" Insurance program:

"I am told that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is leaning toward including the creation of a new government-run insurance program – the so-called public option – in the health care reform bill he will bring to the full Senate in the coming weeks. Democratic sources tell me that Reid – after a series of meetings with Democratic moderates – has concluded he can pass a bill with a public option."

Reporter Jonathan Karl said such a bill would have "no Republican support" - not even Olympia Snowe. That could only mean Reid is prepared to used the "Reconciliation Process" (Nuclear Option) to ram the bill through with only 50 Democrat votes needed.


Rush Limbaugh Caller Says LA FBI Office told her to "Watch Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Listen to Talk Radio" - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck showing a Rush Limbaugh caller yesterday telling Rush that she called the Los Angeles FBI Office to ask about the investigation of ACORN, and was told to "watch Fox News and listen to Talk Radio." She said she called a second time and was told to "watch Glenn Beck. We all watch Glenn Beck." Rush Limbaugh was speechless! Beck loved it!


Epic Limbaugh Caller "Susan in Glendale" Makes a "Socialist Smoothie" in her Kitchen - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh epic caller "Susan in Glendale" demonstrating in her kitchen just what the Democrats are doing in trying to ram Government-run Health Care down the collective throats of the American people.

Susan makes what she calls a "Socialist Smoothie," with each ingredient she tosses into the blender being labeled as one of the elements of the ObamaCare Plan. Interesting analogy and demonstration.

Here is an interview Susan did about her call to the Rush Limbaugh Show.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

"World's Fastest Speed Reader" Finishes Reading 1,500 Page Senate Health Care Bill on Cavuto - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of Neil Cavuto talking to the man who is supposed to be the "World's Fastest Speed Reader, who claims to have read the 1,500 page U.S. Senate Health Care Bill on Fox News!

The video shows him finish up his reading of the bill, and then he talks (and laughs a lot) about it with Cavuto.

Very bizarre.

NOTE: Whether or not he actually read the whole bill, he has read more of it than the Democrats who are trying to push it through!


Other Networks Stand with Fox News Against White House Attempt to Exclude Them from Press Pool Coverage - Video 10/22/09

Here is a video report on significant happenings in the White House War on Fox News today. The White House today attempted to exclude Fox News from a White House pool report interview that usually includes the five major networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News. White House Pay Czar Ken Feinberg was made available to the pool for interviews, but the White House specifically sought to dis-invite Fox News.

But to their credit, the other networks consulted together and decided that if Fox News would not be included, they would also not participate! Good for them! Perhaps they rightly understood that if they went along with the White House on this, they too could be excluded if they ever run a story that raises the displeasure of the White House.

This could turn out to be a watershed moment. The White House relented and allowed Fox News to participate. It will be interesting to see if this blatant attempt at denial of freedom of the press will change the way some in the Mainstream Media begin to cover the Obama White House.

The White House believed the other networks would bow to their plan. In this case, they did not. They gambled and lost. They have lost more than they think - credibility and integrity. It's hard to get that back with people once it has been lost.


"Pelosi on Elm Street: The Nightmare Continues" - Steven Crowder Video 10/22/09

Here is video of conservative comedian Steven Crowder's latest video "Pelosi on Elm Street."


Glenn Beck Receives "Secret" Phone Call During Show - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of Glenn Beck's show today where he received a "secret" phone call during his show.


Rush Limbaugh Mocks Andrea Mitchell; Says Obama has "Gone Far Beyond" what "Nixon Even Contemplated" - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today saying the Obama Administration has "gone far beyond what Richard Nixon even comtemplated" in his dealings with the media. Rush said Obama is attempting to "silence" individual reporters and an entire network. Obama is doing so from a position of being the darling of the mainstream media. In Nixon's case, Rush said "Nixon was trying to get a fair shake." The media always hated Nixon and were very biased against him. Rush made the comments after mocking Andrea Mitchell for being a supposed "real news" person. He plays audio of her slamming Sen. Lamar Alexander for warning Obama not to go down the road of an "enemies list" as Nixon did.


Andrew Breitbart Appears on C-Span; Shares Personal Journey and Calls Out "Seminar Callers" Posing as Republicans - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of conservative Andrew Breitbart appearing on C-Span this morning where he talked about how he came to be a conservative, and took calls from callers on the program. Breitbart called out some who called on the "Republican line," when, in fact, it was clear they were "seminar callers" posing as conservatives.

Andrew Breitbart is a real American hero for his efforts to get the truth out in spite of the liberal media's control over so much. He speaks the truth clearly and without apology, and conservatives should be thankful there is a leader like him standing up for what is right. He did a great job!


Great New Ad Shows Just Who Will Pay for ObamaCare - The Next Generation - Video

Here is video of a great new ad from the Family Research Council that shows just who will have to pay for President Obama's plans to impose Government-run Health Care on America - the Next Generation.

The ad shows a boy talking to his Grandpa:

Boy: Will your surgery cost a lot of money?
Grandpa: Yes, but it's free. The government's taking care of it.
Boy: Daddy says nothing is for free. Who's paying for it?
Grandpa: You are.
The ad then shows the boy getting dressed, picking up his briefcase, and heading off to work, saying "See you around 5:30 pm," to his Grandpa.


Obama Nominates Radical to EEOC; Chai Feldblum Not Convinced Traditional Marriage Best for Society - Video 10/22/09

Here is a video report by CBN's David Brody on plans by President Obama to appoint a radical leftist to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Chai Feldblum is an activist for gay causes, having said bluntly on video that "gay sex is morally good." She also denigrates traditional marriage, saying she is no longer convinced the government should advocate or promote it as being the best way for people to live in our society.

You just have to listen to the video report to believe how radical this woman is. When you think Obama can't get worse, he does.


Joe Scarborough Destroys Lawrence O'Donnell Rant Against Dick Cheney - Video 10/22/09

Here is video of Joe Scarborough this morning totally destroying MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and his Left-Wing rant against Dick Cheney. O'Donnell went back to his favorite topic, accusing former Vice-President Dick Cheney of "lying" about intelligence to get President Bush to commit troops to Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein and the threat of him having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Joe Scarborough simply destroyed that meme, rightly listing the facts that virtually every leading Democrat since 1998 believed Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He listed one fact after another, while O'Donnell just kept repeating the usual Left-Wing talking points.

Scarborough hit the nail on the head when he told O'Donnell, "Don't let the facts get in the way of you hatred of Dick Cheney." That's the bottom line. Unfortunately, Scarborough is one of the only voices on the Mainstream (Liberal) Media that will ever utter the truth on this matter. O'Donnell's unhinged and blind hatred of all things Cheney and Bush will be the vitriolic mantra we will continue to hear.


Former VP Dick Cheney Hammers Obama for "Dithering" while U.S. Forces "Are in Danger" - Video 10/21/09

Here is complete video of former Vice-President Dick Cheney delivering a speech last night as he received the "Keeper of the Flame" National Security Award.

Cheney criticized the Obama administration for "waffling" on Afghan strategy, saying the "White House must stop dithering while America's armed forces are in danger."

He also addressed charges that the Bush Administration allowed terror suspects to be "tortured."


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