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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekly Poll Results Show 40% Believe Obama Will Advance a Health Care Bill With a "Trigger" for a Public Option

The results are in on last week's Freedom's Lighthouse Weekly Poll. We asked:

Will President Obama end up pursuing a "Public Option" in his Health Care Plan, will he give up on it, or will he seek to get it under another name?
The results:

40% - He will push a bill with a "trigger" that will bring about a Public Option.

29% - He will take anything he can get just to save face.

23% - He will stubbornly insist on a "Public Option."

6% - He will push a bill with "Health Care Co-Ops."

2% - He will give up on the idea.

There were 495 votes in the poll. It is still unclear what Obama is going to do, even after his big speech last week. But I agree that he is not going to give up on the idea. Thanks for participating!


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