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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Video of Van Jones Speech in February 09 Shows Him Mocking Capitalism and Urging Intimidation of Lawmakers - Video

Here is video of President Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" speaking this past February (2009) in Berkeley at an Energy Resources Cooperative Meeting" where he openly mocked "Capitalism," saying "How's that Capitalism working for you this year" to a member of the audience. He makes the comment toward the end of the video.

Also toward the end of the video, he called Republicans "A**holes," and essentially said Obama Supporters need to intimidate the two or three senators that can swing legislation on key votes. He said:

"Some of us need to figure out which 2 or 3 Senators need to have terrible days, until they 'act right'."
This is a man who has the President's ear. The media should be all over the story of this radical sitting at one of the highest levels in government.


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