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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Undercover Video Shows Shocking Activities at ACORN Office - Video

UPDATE: 4:41 PM CDT: Here is the full undercover video:



UPDATED 9:11 AM CDT: All the video and more is apparently to be found at Big Government.com. Andrew Breitbart was just on Fox News talking about this site he set up for this story. All the video, audio and transcripts are there. That is probably why Fox News took their video down.

UPDATED 9:00 AM: Here is a brief portion of the full video that we posted earlier, but which has disappeared from the Fox News site.

UPDATED 8:58 AM CDT: For some reason, it appears Fox News has removed the video.

Here is shocking undercover video run by Fox News this morning about an ACORN Office in Baltimore where an employee seeks to teach a couple how to skirt the law. A person explains how to make illegal activities like prostitution appear legal. The employee suggests the woman posing as a prostitute describe herself as providing "recreational services" or "performance arts."

The undercover couple even talk to the employee about them wanting to bring Salvadoran girls - underage - over to the U.S. and ask what to do about them (tax wise). They are told not to "worry about them" since they don't have Social Security numbers. But even though the couple tells the person the girls are "15," the response was "you don't have to worry about them." She even suggested the couple could "claim them as dependents."


charliemax September 10, 2009 at 10:24 PM  

No comments yet? Are you kidding? What in the world are you people afraid of, freedom?

Anonymous,  September 11, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

Demand that the govt take immediate actions to remove ACORN from their Census 2010 duties. Your personal information WILL BE compromised if you don't. They will know how much money you make and where you live. We need to STOP the funding of ACORN from any kind of govt funding, as well. I am filing a report with my local police, as well as with my attorney, stating that I will not fill out the Census 2010 until ACORN is removed because I fear for my safety!! I am also sending a "demand to cease funding of ACORN" and telling them what I am doing about filing reports with police, to my Senators and Congress. We should ALL do this, as it is imperative!! Let's unite in this action.

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