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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top U.S. Afghanistan Commander Asks President Obama for a "Surge" in Afghanistan; Democrats Already Opposing - Video 9/16/09

Here is a video report on the request by top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan - Gen. Stanley McChrystal - for a "surge" of troops in Afghanistan. This report says the request made to President Obama is for "tens of thousands" of additonal troops. Other reports are saying it is in the 30,000-40,000 range. We currently have 62,000 troops in Afghanistan, with another 6,000 to be there by year's end. Such a "surge" would put U.S. Forces over the 100,000 mark in Afghanistan.

The report says Obama has signaled he will be very slow in making a decision, largely because many of those in his own party have already begun the same, tired rhetoric they used to argue against the "Surge" in Iraq - which wound up being a fabulous success. Of course, Obama himself, as a Senator, was one of those Democrats arguing against the "surge" in Iraq, saying it would be a disaster. He was totally wrong.

Now, as President, he gets to decide whether he will listen to the commanders in the field as to what it will take to finish the job in Afghanistan, or whether he will follow his own instincts and choose failure, as his party will push him to do.

Obama's judgment about the "surge" strategy in Iraq would have brought about the fulfillment of Sen. Harry Reid's statement "the war is lost." President George W. Bush listened to his commanders - and voices like Sen. John McCain - and implemented the Surge in Iraq despite great political pressure not to do so. Because of that, victory was achieved. Will President Obama now have the wisdom and strength to do the same in Afghanistan?


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