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Friday, September 18, 2009

Rep. Steve King Credits Sen. Charles Grassley for Blocking ObamaCare Prior to August Break - Video 9/18/09

NOTE: I originally headlined this as what "Peter" King said - Obviously it is Steve King. Sorry for the mistake.

Here is video of GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa thanking Iowa GOP Senator Charles Grassley for being, what he called, "the single most important key factor that allowed for the debate in health care to be extended through the month of August and past Labor Day to get us to this point in September where we are."

Grassley is one of the "Gang of 6" in the Senate that were negotiating to find a bi-partisan plan on Health Care. King credits Grassley for prolonging negotiations, rather than staying away or agreeing to something with President Obama being unable to ram a bill through the House and Senate prior to the August break. Obama and Democrats had planned on pushing a bill through in just two weeks time.

The delay allowed for a month of protests, and Town Hall Meetings where the American people clearly let their voices be heard on the matter, and overwhelmingly - Americans have said "No" to ObamaCare.


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