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Friday, September 11, 2009

Pat Buchanan Tells Scarborough that the Democrats "Control the Media" - Video 9/11/09

Here is video of Pat Buchanan telling Joe Scarborough today that the Democrats control the media, along with both houses of Congress, leaving the GOP as a party in opposition.

Well, of course the GOP is the opposition party to Obama - he stands for just about everything conservative Americans do not: Bigger Government, Higher Taxes, Abortion on Demand - even to the point of infanticide, Government Health Care, Weaker National Defense, etc. . .

It makes it much tougher when all but one national media outlet is totally in the tank for the Democrats. But despite everything being in the Dems favor, they are growing weaker instead of stronger in the eyes of the Public. That will continue, because they do not stand for the principles and ideals that made America great.


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