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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Newly Discovered Video from 2007 Shows Candidate Obama Being Honest About the Cost of ObamaCare - Video

Here is new Naked Emperor News video showing Barack Obama as a candidate in 2007 being far more honest about the costs of changing America's Health Care System than he is now that he is President.

In the video, he says plainly that it will take years to make such a transition, and it will cost 90-100 billion dollars "every year." He also said it actually will require tax increases to pay for such a plan, calling it an "investment" we will have to make.


Anonymous,  September 17, 2009 at 9:33 PM  


Anonymous,  September 19, 2009 at 3:33 AM  

So what shall we do? Leave it as is? Any suggestion??? ANYONE??? Stop talking about it and be about it.

If you have a better idea than SPEAK UP! Send him a letter!!! Send him a plan!!!
Don’t just sit there Help tha brotha out!!!. lol

We’re already in debt and I’m sure you’re blaming him for that …………….. so what's 1 more billion or so, at least it towards Health care and not adding gold faucets in the white house, or giving out unnecessary bonuses and vacations.

Finally, someone is looking out for the little guys.
If you make more money you should pay more taxes simple as that.

Give the guy a break! He's only been in the white house "WHAT?" less than six months!!!

And I know you republicans want to say I told you so, but can he at least try to clean up the mess that the Bush camp so graciously left for him clean up? (Please)

I can’t stand this instant gratification generation you want results and you want them now sorry, but it just don't worked that way Rome wasn't built in a day.

RELAXES!!! This want hurt a bit. :)

Diogenes September 19, 2009 at 11:57 AM  

I don't think the rightwing wants immediate gratification at all. I think they KNOW that this is not going to be a "quick fix" and that's why they're screaming -- because they know nothing can be done to rectify the situation quickly, and they can make Obama a sitting target for months on end.

Step right up, take a free shot at the President!

How much press did it get this week when it was noted that the stock market has posted gains for the 7th or 8th consecutive month? No, you don't look at the stock market results on a day-by-day basis; that's crazy. But trends? A consistent upwards trend for months on end? That's a positive. But we won't ever see acknowledgements of the positives, will we? Because Rash and the rightwingnut crowd want Obama to fail. And, if they can't get him to fail, they at least want to make it APPEAR that he's failing.

Anonymous,  September 19, 2009 at 7:18 PM  

for starters....
"How much press did it get this week when it was noted that the stock market has posted gains for the 7th or 8th consecutive month?" the market hasn't posted gains over the last 7 or 8 months.... second... "We’re already in debt and I’m sure you’re blaming him for that …………….. so what's 1 more billion or so, at least it towards Health care" if you look at the real numbers.... Obama has quadrupled our debt.... he has increased it more in less than one year than all of the Presidents combined before him..... I for one... want to see a smaller Federal gov't..... and I want to see individual states step up and put the Federal Gov't in its place... if Obama continues on his current path.... he will always be remembered as a failure... The Federal Gov'ts place is to provide us with freedom.... they are supposed to protect us from the rest of the world.... not run to our enemies and bend over and kiss them on the backside... I like everyone else would like to see changes.... but this change will lead us to failure.... we need a complete overhaul of our system.... it is time for us to vote in new politicians... it is time for Congress and the Senate to place term limits on themselves... and they need to lead by example.... it is time for them to step up and serve their country.... instead of making their country serve them.... it is time they do away with their health care and try to live by the same health care rules they are saying we should.... it is also time that they are forced to live on the same social security that they have forced our elderly to live on all these years...
How many veterans from wars past have been forced to live on $800 or less per month... and forced to pay taxes and Medicare/Medicaid out of these funds.... and had to deal with the veterans health care... not saying the Veterans health care is equal to a third world countries.... but it has its short comings...

Just so ya know.... and before ya judge me... I was raised Democrat... and have long since went Republican.... but I have no faith in either party... and do not wish to see this country I love so much fail... I do not care who is the President... but I think it is time We as a People should learn to think for ourselves... and Stand up for our Rights as Americans.... because so many people have died to make sure that we have this right Today....

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