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Monday, September 7, 2009

New Weekly Poll Asks if President Obama Will Keep Pushing for a "Public Option"

Here is the new Freedom's Lighthouse Weekly Poll for September 7-14, 2009. It focuses on whether or not President Obama will push forward with seeking a "Public Option" in his Health Care Plan, decide to drop it, or try to get it under some other name.

Will President Obama end up pursuing a "Public Option" in his Health Care Plan, will he give up on it, or will he seek to get it under another name?
He will stubbornly insist on a "Public Option."
He will give up on the idea.
He will push a bill with a "trigger" that will bring about a Public Option.
He will push a bill with "Health Care Co-Ops."
He will take anything he can get just to save face.
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The Weekly Poll can always be found in the Left Sidebar. Thanks for participating


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