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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mark Levin Tells Rep. Joe Wilson He was Yelling "Lie" at the TV when He Heard Wilson Say "You Lie" - Audio 9/10/09

Here is audio of Mark Levin talking with South Carolina GOP Rep. Joe Wilson yesterday about Obama's Health Care Speech and Wilson's "You Lie" outburst in the House chamber.

Levin commended Wilson for speaking out, and said if he had not done what he did, "no one would have been listening."

Wilson said he was incredibly frustrated sitting there and listening to what he knew was not accurate. He also said he has been inspired by the Town Hall Meetings around the country.

Levin asked Wilson if either Obama or Pelosi has "invited Wilson to have a civil discussion" on the Health Care legislation. When Wilson called to apologize for his outburst, the White House told him they wanted to have a "civil discussion" on the issues.

Levin said he had been yelling at the tv screen, "Lie," "You Lie," and then heard Wilson say what he did.

Wilson said the outpouring of support for him in his district, and around the nation, has been "heartwarming."

Levin played a clip of Pelosi in 2006 saying she is a fan of "disruptors." Wilson said he was glad to hear that!


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