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Monday, September 7, 2009

Liberal Outraged at White House for "Listening to Political Terrorists. . . Like Glenn Beck" - Video 9/7/09

Here is video this morning of liberal David Sirota saying he is outraged at the White House for "listening to the right-wing's political terrorists, people like Glenn Beck."

"They're basically putting Van Jones out to pasture because of something that Van Jones said was a mistake," Sirota said. "And what I think is going on here is that the White House is listening to the right-wing's political terrorists, people like Glenn Beck... because Van Jones is an African-American with progressive movement background..."
David Frum defended the need for Van Jones to go:
"Denying the proof of 9/11 is not an intellectual mistake," Frum responded. "It's an attempt to shift the blame for one of the worst crimes in history from the people who did it, to the people who suffered it. It's not unlike Holocaust denial in that way.

"If you traffic in such a horrific lie, you have no place in American government."
However, Frum said he "hated to be on the same side" as Glenn Beck, as if the 9/11 truther petition was Van Jones' only problem. No mention was made by anyone of the fact Jones claimed to be a "communist" himself.

NOTE: Frum gives credit to blogger Gateway Pundit for nailing Jones on the 9/11 Truther Petition.

The Left is apoplectic over the Van Jones resignation! I think it is because they know there are a lot more "Van Jones" in Obama's circle, and they are now really worried about it! They hate Glenn Beck for telling the truth and exposing just how radical they are.


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