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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liberal David Sirota Calls Conservative Opposition to Obama a "Racist Lynch Mob" - Video 9/12/09

Here is video of CNN Anchor Don Lemon and liberal columnist David Sirota saying "race" is the "elephant in the room" with the Tea Party Express and opposition to President Obama.

They tag-teamed Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer in the discussion. He was trying to say opposition to Obama is about his policies, and that it is wrong to bring up "race" when it is not a legitimate part of the discussion.

Sirota was just vicious in describing those opposing Obama as a "racist lynch mob." The CNN Anchor, Don Lemon, then chimed in when Greer said "race" was not the issue, "but it is the elephant in the room."

Obama and Democrats just keep trying to deflect any criticism of Obama's philosophy and governing by playing the "race" card. They are trying to avoid real questions from average Americans about where he is trying to take the country. It won't work.

Obama's far-left ideology is "the elephant in the room."


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