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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Liberal Bernard Whitman Asks Conservatives "What Would Jesus Do?" About Health Care - Video

Here is video of Bernard Whitman and Tucker Carlson talking with Martha MacCallum about health care.

Bernard Whitman said "the fact that in this day health care is not considered a basic and fundamental human right in this country is an absolute disgrace," and asked "what would Jesus do?" After Whitman says this you can hear Tucker Carlson chuckling in the background.

Tucker Carlson asked "if health care is a right, where does it come from?" It's definitely not in the Constitution.


Anonymous,  September 17, 2009 at 3:41 AM  

Bernard Whitman wants moral outrage?

I have plenty.Whenever I hear some scumbag distorting facts the way he does, I am outraged.
Whenever I witness the sleazy ways the likes of him evade questions I am outraged.
Whenever I hear that even language is raped, I am outraged.
My outrage is moral; he and the likes of him are its subject.
Let me explain:
A right means that you cannot be prevented from doing something. The right to health care means that I have the right to get it as long as I can find someone to provide it to me willingly. It means that I am allowed to buy it. It should therefore also mean that I should be able to buy insuranceto protect me against unforseen medical expenses. THAT IS WHAT I CALL A RIGHT and that is the right American’s don’t really have. They are not allowed to buy insurance where they want and they are not free to negotiate the terms of that insurance. They cannot shop across state lines and they MUST take government mandated options.
If health care rights in the US are limited, they are limited by the very government that now wants to limit these rights to health care even further by trying to force on the nation a system with even fewer rights to healthcare.

I am Canadian. If you want to know what the total lack of “health care rights” is, look no further.
I have an appointment with a specialist for early December. The appontment was made in January. There was no way for me to get it any sooner. A few years back I was waiting 13 months for an appointment with a specialist. Both are minor problems, but no money in the world could get me the care I need in Canada WHEN I need or want it. In Canada I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to pay for my own health care meaning that I can only get it when all-mighty government decides to provide it to me.
If I could find a doctor to provide this health care service to me for my money, he wold be risking his license, a fine and actually – jail time.
In Canada, offering medical services outside the rationed government framework is a criminal offense. It is called a single payer system. It means that every decision about your own health care will be made by government bureaucrats. That is the direction Bernard Whitman, and Barak Obama wants you to go.

Democrats engage in Orwellian doublespeak talking about health-care rights and I am morally outraged when I see the likes Bernard Whitman shamelessly bullshitting into our face.

I agree with the statement "the fact that in this day health care is not considered a basic and fundamental human right in this country is an absolute disgrace," although not the way Bernard Whitman means it.
Libertarians consider the right to self-ownership to be the most fundamental property right. That is the right the democrats want to take away from you. Once that is gone, the rest will fall easy, therefore it is imperative that you fight big brother Obama’s plan for health care slavery, his insidious plan to take away the few rights you still have over your own body.

I have selfish interest in asking that you fight. If you fail and I had an emergency like the subject of “A Short Course In Brain Surgery” (http://www.stuartbrowning.net/ ) I’d have nowhere to go.

Zork Hun

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