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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laura Ingraham Blasts Jimmy Carter as a "Self-Loathing Southerner" in Playing the Race Card - Video 9/16/09

Here is video of Laura Ingraham on with Bill O'Reilly tonight, where she blasted former President Jimmy Carter for playing the race card in saying most opposition to Obama is because he is a "black man."

Ingraham said she believes the playing of the race card is actually hurting President Obama. She said Obama needs to get out there and stop the use of the race card.

Ingraham called Carter a "self-loathing Southerner," and said he is "always doing something looney."

She said Obama is "in big trouble," and does know what to do now. Obama expected to have smooth sailing, but is finding Americans do not love his liberalism.


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