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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Howard Fineman Tells MSNBC's David Shuster "It's Not Over Till It's Over" for the Public Option - Video 9/29/09

Here is video of Howard Fineman talking to MSNBC's David Shuster about what chances remain for Democrats to get a "Public Option" passed in a Health Care bill. Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee rejected putting a "Public Option" in the Baucus bill.

When you want to know what the liberals really think, listen to them talk to each other! Fineman tells Shuster that while the "Public Option" is now "barely alive," it is "not over till it's over."

Fineman said it is possible Baucus is just trying to get something out of committee and that Democrats will be able to get the "Public Option" in the conference process that reconciles the House and Senate bills if they can get a bill in some form through the Senate.


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