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Monday, September 7, 2009

Gov. Tim Pawlenty Says Obama is Governing as a "Movement Liberal" - Video 9/6/09

Here is video of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty talking with CNN's John King and assessing President Obama, and particularly his Health Care Plan.

Pawlenty said Obama needs to take on one of his own constituencies, the Trial Lawyers, and deal with medical lawsuit reform. Pawlenty cited a Harvard study showing that 30% of medical costs are linked to unnecessary treatments - which is a direct result of doctors' fear of malpractice lawsuits.

Pawlenty said he would not favor a "trigger" that would allow Government to provide a "Public Option" if insurance companies are not providing affordable policies to the public. This is viewed by many as another "trojan horse" Democrats may try to use to get a Government take over into a bill, while appearing to drop a public option.

He said Obama is governing as a "movement liberal," not as the more centrist candidate he passed himself off as during the campaign.


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