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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gov. Howard Dean Says Jones Resignation "A Loss for the Country" - Video 9/6/09

Here is video of former Gov. Howard Dean on Fox News Sunday today reacting to the resignation of Van Jones as President Obama's "Green Jobs" Czar.

Howard Dean said he had recently talked with Jones, and he believes Jones was "brought down," and that his resignation is a "loss for the country."

Dean defended Jones when Chris Wallace asked him about why Jones had signed the 9/11 "Truther" petition. Dean said Jones signed it because "someone waved a clip board in his face at a rally," meaning he did not know what he was signing.


bobcalco September 6, 2009 at 2:10 PM  

Didn't know what he was signing? And he had a $30 bil. budget at the White House?

The dude was an avowed communist, co-founder of the radical revolutionary organization STORM, who openly admitted "green jobs" were about radical "social justice" not job and not anything else.

The problem here is not even vetting, because it's clear based on comments to other advisors close to Obama that they knew this guy well and wanted him aboard.

The problem is that my (now natualized) Russian wife couldn't have gotten a green card with his background supporting Communist causes and the overthrow of the US government. And yet somehow he made it past the Secret Service and the FBI. Or did he? Methinks somebody was overruled.

Van Jones is not the only radical nut job. Mark Lloyd -- his FCC "czar" -- co-founded "The Weather Underground" with Bill Ayers. You know, the English professor in Obama's neighborhood, who he barely knew even though he served on two left-wing foundations with the man and had his first fundraiser in his home.

Lloyd is on video praising Hugo Chavez for his treatment of the media after the "revolution" in that country.

Then there is Holdren, who wrote a book in the 70's advocating forced abortions and putting sterilants in the drinking water, you know, to save the planet.

Obama has surrounded himself with psychotic sociopaths, of which Jones was but one.

Notice, Obama has so far gotten away with this without having to address Van Jones' appointment at all, and I bet they're hoping the pliant media will drop this story by Tuesday when he gives his brilliant speech to the "schoochildren".

Is it 2010 yet???

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