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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fred Thompson Says Obama "Has a Mean Kind of Undercurrent, Partisan Kind of Me-First Approach to Things" - Audio 9/10/09

Here is audio of Fred Thompson today talking to Byron York about President Obama's speech on Health Care, and Health Care legislation in general.

York pointed out that there are 36 Republican bills that have been written on Health Care. GOP Legislators took the printed out bills to the speech last night and held them up when President Obama was speaking.

Fred and York talked about how Obama has been saying Republicans have offered no alternatives to what Obama and the Democrats have proposed.

York said Republicans are really put out that Obama is acting like "August never happened," referring to the outcry from the American people against ObamaCare at Town Hall Meetings all over the country.

Fred Thompson said Obama made a mistake with his tone last night, saying he characterized millions of Americans who expressed their concern as having "lied about Obama and the legislation."

Thompson said:

"Obama has a mean kind of undercurrent, partisan-kind of me-first approach to things that that's a part of, I think, and he was subtly - in his own estimation anyway - dissing the hunderds of thousands of people who went out in August."
They also discussed how miraculously 17 million Americans got health coverage overnight, with Obama now saying there are "30 million Americans without coverage," instead of "47 million Americans," which they have been saying for months.

Fred Thompson said if Obama "made a couple of more speeches, we'd have this problem solved."

Democrats have dropped an estimated 17 million illegals from the total, which accounts for the new number.


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