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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dick Morris Schools David Axelrod for Weekend Putdown - Video 9/14/09

Here is video of Dick Morris on with Sean Hannity last night where he slapped down Obama Chief adviser David Axelrod. Morris said over the weekend, Axelrod was asked about Dick Morris's contention that if you add 47 million people (or 30 million or whatever the White House number is today) to the Health Care system all at once, you will have a shortage of doctors.

Axelrod responded, "What Medical School did Morris go to?"

Dick Morris said he wanted to respond to his "former employee" David Axelrod. He said:

"David, it's not a matter of Med School - it's Elementary School. That's all you need to understand that if you expand the patient base by 50 million new patients you need some new doctors."


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