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Friday, September 18, 2009

Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill Calls for Cutting Back on Providing Motorized Wheelchairs through Medicare - Video

Here is a video report on calls by Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill to cut back on providing motorized wheelchairs to people through Medicare. She was citing this as a place to save money and reduce Health Care costs.

Here is a perfect example of how the Democrats' Government Health Care would inevitably result in rationing of care. It has not even passed, and McCaskill is already talking about what the Government can get rid of in order to pay for their massive plan.

What do you think will happen once it passes?


Anonymous,  September 21, 2009 at 12:04 PM  

Ignorance is rampant.
This degree of it is just amazing. Neal Boortz declares he agrees with her.

You have to be unable to get around INSIDE your own home to get that thing paid for by government, they are not a convenience, they are a necessity for many of us. If you have MS or Parkinsons, you cannot push your own wheelchair!

What does a person with MS, parkinsons, Huntingtons or ALS look like ? I had no idea there were so many neurologists out there! /s

Even fat people get neurological diseases. Fat does not make you immune to them. The ignorant remarks my conservative bretheren have made across the internet infuriates me. In fact years of immobility will pack on the pounds.

Thank you for posting this here.

I have gotten all kinds of ignorant remarks because I have a handicapped sticker and I drive a sports car. So people with neuro problems immediately lose their desire for fun, apparently. And of course someone will always be there to help me climb out of a gigantic orthopedic shoe shapped SUV. /s

I don't have a scooter, nor do I want one, nor do I think gov't should be paying for any of this stuff, nor am I fat. It'd all be a lot cheaper if gov't stayed the heck out of our business.

Can't sign in as myself for some reason, but I am HonestConservative of Free Republic

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