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Friday, September 4, 2009

David Horowitz Tells Glenn Beck "No Doubt" Obama Agenda is to "Create a Socialist Future" - Video 9/4/09

Here is video of an outstanding interview Glenn Beck did today with David Horowitz. He is a former avowed communist, who is now a conservative, but has keen insights into the minds of radical Leftists.

Horowitz said the Radical Left has been trying to get power for half a century, and now they have their shot. He said the leaders of the Radical Left come out of the Communist Movement in the 1950's that failed.

Horowitz said when he sees a guy like Van Jones, who has called himself a communist in the past, now in the White House, he knows that their motivation is destroy the capitalist free enterprise system in America.

He said George Soros is behind much of the Radical Left movement. Van Jones "embodies" this movement, according to Horowitz. Their goal is to "overthrow this system and create a Socialist future."

Horowitz said he "has no doubt" that Obama has that same agenda.(5:09 remaining in video)


Jannie Funster September 6, 2009 at 12:19 PM  

Horowitz made so much sense last night on Beck but it was a bit frightening to hear just radical the left is.

Glenn Beck so rocks.

Eyes are opening, thank God.

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