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Saturday, September 12, 2009

CNN Reports on "You Lie" Hysteria - Video

Here is video of CNN's Jeanne Moos doing one of her patented sarcastic reports on "You Lie" hysteria that is spreading as a result of GOP Rep. Joe Wilson's famous words uttered during President Obama's Health Care speech.


Anonymous,  September 12, 2009 at 1:38 PM  

Rep. Joe Wilson may have broken congressional protocol, but he voiced what millions of Americans were thinking during Obama's speech. If the president had not been layering one outrageous tall tale after another, and calling elected officials "liars" not too long before Wilson impetuously spoke out, this would never have happened. And liberals are upset that Obama was called a liar, but if he IS a liar, isn't that just being honest? Democrats, as of yesterday, are quickly fixing the "loopholes" in the ObamaCare bill that do indeed permit illegal aliens to get free government-run health care. If Wilson had not drawn attention to this, it would have slid through the cracks. I'm sure the Dems are pretty torqued about that.

Rep. Wilson, at least you didn't call the president a Nazi, un-American, or Astro-turf like Pelosi has called conservatives, an evil terrorist like Harry Reid has called protestors, or an a**hole like now disgraced, radical Truther "green jobs" czar Van Jones has called Republicans. I am a conservative, Republican protestor, as are my friends and family (I also am an EMPLOYED taxpayer), so if Wilson must apologize publicly, I want the same courtesy extended to myself, my friends, my family, and millions of other conservative Republicans in this great nation.

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