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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Wallace Says Obama Team is "Childish" and "Petty"; "Biggest Bunch of Crybabies" He's Ever Worked With - Video 9/18/09

Here is video of Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace talking with Bill O'Reilly about the fact that President Obama is doing all the major Sunday News Shows - except - Fox News Sunday. It is a blatant slap in the face to Fox News, who I'm sure President Obama is not too happy with these days.

Wallace pointed out he could understand why Obama would be upset with Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity, but that O'Reilly's show or Fox News Sunday really does not just "beat on him." Yet, there is a "childishness" and "pettiness" about the Obama team.

Wallace said with the Obama Team, "everything is personal." He went on to say the Obama Team is the "biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years" in news. "They are constantly working the umps" - meaning the media by calling and emailing to complain about every little thing said or not said.

Wallace concluded - "It works with the other guys. It doesn't work with me."


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